Mind-body psychotherapy

A Fusion of Bodywork, Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness

Welcome, my name is Lilith and I’d like to introduce you to my particular approach to psychotherapy.

I am informed by psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, limbic-system therapy, somatic experiencing, meditation, the healing modalities of mysticism, and the latest research in trauma, neuro-biology, and mind-body connection.

The sessions are mainly focused on talking, visualising, body awareness, authentic movement, with some healing touch. I create a gentle and affirming holding environment, in which feelings can be safely expressed, acknowledged and communicated. I also work to support and encourage exploration of movement patterns, muscle tension, and the emotional and verbal experiences of my clients.

My work is based on the knowledge that mind and body are not separate but are parts of one intrinsic whole. As well as verbal communication, body and movement are used in the sessions as vehicles for expression and communication for the pre-verbal and the subconscious. Through this, I enable clients to understand the biological nature of memory and to utilise the neuroplasticity of the brain to enable memory re-consolidation.

Over 20 years in private practice – including group, individual, adult, child, and family psychotherapy – my methods have proved to be unique, successful, and a vibrant method of healing. My techniques help people to develop self-compassion, recognise and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour, and to move quickly from pain and trauma into health, growth, and empowerment.

I can help with many things including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sexual issues
  • post traumatic stress
  • managing trigger responses
  • realigning unhelpful thinking
  • recovering from childhood trauma
  • exploring relationships, sexuality, and gender
  • understanding/coming to terms with fetishes and fantasies
  • healing from body and sexual trauma (including pregnancy/giving birth)
  • the impact of trauma and stress on disease and physical health – muscle locking, CFS/ME, autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses

I welcome all abilities, body types, ethnicities, sexualities, kinks, and genders. I also welcome sex-workers and others who are marginalised within a patriarchal culture.

I specialise in making connections between past experiences and current responses, understanding and healing repeating physical or emotional patterns of behavior, and also in working with trauma, CPTSD, sexual issues, and the ‘unusual’.

I am particularly unique in my open-mindedness – not everything is an issue to be healed or changed, sometimes self-acceptance is all that is needed.

Bring your whole true self, all of you is welcome.

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