Some healing stories

“I recently underwent a series of therapeutic treatment sessions with Lilith in her beautiful and tranquil space and feel extremely lucky to have discovered both her, and her unique therapeutic approach. She truly is an authentic master of her art, combining her deep compassion with a thorough knowledge of psychology. Her energy is a delight and as such she has the ability to put you at ease even in the most challenging psychological situations. I highly recommend Lilith as a therapist to anyone who is even vaguely considering treatment of some kind. You will not be disappointed, you will be amazed!”

“I wish to thank you greatly for the amazing work you have done with me. I feel it was beautifully specific, spot on every time, hugely intuitive and yet your extensive training in psychology was reassuring to my more logical intellect. I always felt in a safe space, in control and empowered each weekly session of my entire year with you as my therapist. This was truly a unique experience. In my extensive experience of both main stream psychology and psychiatry and several holistic approaches of psychotherapy, you reminded me of the tools I had and you gave me new ones.”

“After having struggled for the last 13 years through the depths of post traumatic stress, grief, and the miraculous recovery of my son from major injuries, I can truly say I feel with my head above the water, happy and purposeful in life and more importantly well equipped and no longer fearful in dealing with what ever life has to give me. I know that I did the hard work but you helped to guide me through it and for this I am ever grateful. I did come to you specifically for help in healing trauma and separation issues from an abusive relationship which I am happy to say I feel truly able to release and able to reclaim my whole self back from. Not only do I feel able to move on and to engage in another relationship healthily, but the healing has gone on to much greater depths.”

“Prepare for everything to open, expand, and change in a wonderful and life-affirming way! I had no idea what to expect when I started Lilith’s sessions but, looking back on them, my only regret is that I didn’t discover them earlier.”

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